Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Energy Drink Deal

Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted- I'm in the process of moving and it's been crazy! Once I get settled, I promise I'll get back to regular posting. :)

I did have to make a quick post to tell you about an awesome deal on Amp Energy Drinks at Kroger this week. These are part of the Mega Deal- when you buy 10, you get $5 off. The drinks are $1 each. When you buy 10, a coupon will print for a $10 Kroger gift card. You can take it, redeem it, and turn around and use it formore energy drinks, etc.

Thanks to Southern Savers for this one!!

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Leigh said...

the Vitamin Waters are part of that buy 10 get $5 off deal too. James loves these but they can be pricey so with this deal they are only 50 cents a piece! i thought that was good and stocked up....instead of spending $1.59 a piece for them!